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Started by Roy Lorenz and Shamika Dhuri, ‘Add Ventures’ took birth from the innate interest that India generates in anybody’s mind. Building on the popular belief that every person discovers their own India, this duo took it on to them to help people discover theirs.  The process is simple- Combine Shamika’s inborn knowledge of her home country with Roy’s seven years of experience in the tourism industry, add to it the everyday adventures that India guarantees  for every person visiting her, and what you get is a trip which you cannot possibly forget.

You simply have to take your pick from the thousand different possibilities that India has to offer. Be it the world-class metro cities or the simplicity of the rural lifestyle hiding in the arteries of these big cities, India is a living paradox on many levels. It is a country of myriad moods and has still preserved each of its several cultures, traditions and festivals. Add to it off-beat activities such as river rafting in the Ganges, tiger safaris in Bandhavgarh and other national parks, experiencing beautiful sculptures and carvings in Khajuraho temples, lazing by Kerala’s backwaters to enjoying a beautiful beach holiday in Goa. Of course not to forget a luxurious and revitalising experience of Indian Ayurveda and Yoga.

So if you are one of the many people looking for your answer to the question ‘what is India all about?’ Add Ventures will help you find your definition for this place through a tailor-made customised travel package. They stand ready with saffron tinted foreheads and flower garlands in hand to welcome you to their Riviera- India.


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Managing Directors: Roy Lorenz & Shamika Dhuri